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Consigmar Hellas was founded in October 2022, part of Consigmar thats excells over 40 years in logistics, with an innovative approach: to be the international trade department for all our clients through collaboration, consultancy services, profitability and objectives fulfilled. Your image and service are also ours.
Our success, depends on our personnel, our wide network of collaborators and agents, flexibility, economic strength and sustainable growth.

Our aims for the future include strengthening our competitive advantages and eliminating any possible weaknesses, all of which requires us to be constantly demanding and critical of our work through quality management systems.

And, of course, to integrate our corporate social responsibility into our business strategy. We are keenly aware that current sociological changes require companies in general, and Consigmar Hellas in particular, to reconsider their role in society.

As social agents, we have rights, but also many duties and commitments to society.

Our central offices are in Peraeus, Greece and our market share having been consolidated now as Part of the Consigmar Associated Network of Companies.

Consigmar’s international scope and services are supported by a well-established network of agents in the main geographical areas of international trade, a role strengthened by being members of the AOP Partners association since 2007. Consigmar Hellas is no exception to this.

Setting off from the idea of growth with stability, Consigmar has been expanding the services that it provides for the last 40 years:

✅ Maritime Freight Forwarder

✅ Land Transport

✅ Maritime agents

✅ Shipping agents

✅ Air Freight Forwarder

✅ Customs

✅ Warehousing and distribution

The company is using Consigmar Celsius service, which was introduced three years ago by Consigmar, in response to continuous demands from clients.

Consigmar Celsius is the division of the group specializing in transporting refrigerated and frozen goods.

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