Sea Transport

Consigmar was initially created as a sea transport and shipping agency, which has allowed us to acquire the necessary experience to set up our MARITIME FREIGHT FORWARDING service.

The overseas traffic of groupage and complete loads in all their variations (temperature-controlled merchandise, IMO/ADR, special equipment) is our largest business division at present.

From the position of independent agent and economic solidity, we are always able to provide various options and made-to-measure solutions for the service requested, even on the international level.

However, at Consigmar we understand specialization as a competitive advantage and our main routes are centred on the Mediterranean, North Africa, Africa in general, the Canary Islands, the Middle East and South America.

Consigmar Celsius

The traditional positioning of Consigmar, as Forwarder, in the Food and Beverages industry naturally led to the development of Consigmar Celsius, the division specializing in the transport of refrigerated and frozen goods.

After beginning by focusing on exports to Mediterranean countries, especially Algeria, Consigmar Celsius has gained an important market share in the Middle East, Western Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

Our clients invest considerable resources in innovation, safety, quality and environmental responsibility in order to offer food-chain products that have to comply with strict regulations and controls, as consumers are increasingly aware and informed of the issues involved. Your trust in our responsible and specialist approach is of the utmost importance to Consigmar Celsius.

Perishables require strict controls of temperature, humidity, and ventilation throughout the entire transporting process. Consigmar Celsius guarantees that all those controls and quality requirements are fulfilled.

Overland and multimodal transport

Consigmar provides overland services throughout the peninsula, with regular routes to the main industrial areas, and Europe, the number one market for Spanish exports, with regular lines to Belgium, Germany and Italy.

With multimodal transport connections, we are present in markets of a complex nature that require specific skills and treatment, such as those of the Balearic and Canary Islands at the national level, and Morocco and Tunisia at the international level. The overland transport service guarantees the commitments undertaken by Consigmar by providing an efficient door-to-door service adjusted to the requirements imposed by the clients.

Air freight transport

Nowadays, the concepts of ZERO STOCK, E-COMMERCE or GLOBAL ECONOMY no longer sound strange. They are concepts that imply speed and agility in order to comply with commitments undertaken. At Consigmar we are aware of all this and our air transport division both complements our global service and is supported by our other divisions.

Consigmar, as a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), works jointly with the main airline companies. This has been aided in the last five years by alliances between airlines that have led to the creation of large-scale logistics platforms and efficient connections with world economic centres, so providing the opportunity for shipments where speed, agility, safety and added value are the priorities.


Consigmar represents its clients before the Administration as legally recognized professionals. Knowledge of the Tax Authority, the laws of which are continuously changing, and the complexity of the process requires a high degree of professionalism and specialization.

Bad management before the Customs can lead to long logistic and commercial delays and economic expenditure for a company. A failure to apply for an inspection, an incorrect tax declaration, the absence of the documents required by other bodies such as Veterinary, Soivre or Health documents can block exports or imports of goods or lead to tax inspections.

Our Consigmar Customs department provides professional consultancy for our clients.


Your warehouse is our logistics platform. Your warehouse is our logistics platform. Consigmar has its own clean and secure warehouses for managing stock, picking, classification, distribution, palletting, storage, transfer and handling, both of dry goods and refrigerated or frozen goods.

Our specialization in the food sector, among others, obliges us to maintain strict measures of control both in our dry goods warehouses and in the temperature-controlled warehouses in order to guarantee the quality of goods deposited by our clients.

And through our network of collaborators, we offer our clients a service at both the peninsular and international levels.

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